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The Preset Power are not simple presets. Every single Preset Power can give your photographs a mood, colors, and an atmosphere with a strong visual impact.

Within each preset that you will find that the Preset Power pack is the result of constant research and improvement, aimed at one goal: to give the eyes an extraordinary result every single time.

The importance of creating your own unique style

Keeping the colors consistent and uniform for each of your photographs, not only allows you to be perceived as a professional, but above all, your potential customers will know in advance what they will get.

Why use Preset Power

1. RESEARCH - Every preset was born after several hours of designing, testing, and optimization.

2. CATEGORIES - Preset Power is the first package divided into photographic categories.

3. MULTIPLE STYLES - For each category, we have included several professional looks.

With the Preset Power you can

Immediately understand at a glance which treatments to give your photographs that creates images with a strong personality.

Create stunning images that stand out from the crowd with create your own unique style.

Give your photos a professional look with a simple click

Always have at your disposal an entire library of over 200 Presets completely different from each other.

Reduce editing by 10 times (achieving results with up to 10 times more powerful).

Why we created Preset Power

How many times has it happened that you work hours and hours on a photograph and find yourself in front of a mediocre result?

Despite your continuous efforts and time spent, most of your photo treatments are always below your expectations.

We have been asking this question for years and have never been able to find a good answer.

Until we realized the answer was hiding right behind our workflow.

The problem is that we began to modify our photograph without having a clear vision, from the beginning, the type of treatment to give to our image.

There were times when we could find the style in a short time. Other times, however, we spent hours and hours changing the various settings to find ourselves in front of a photo devoid of personality.

The look and atmosphere that we had created had little impact.

This meant that every time we didn't get the result we expected, we would need to start all over again!

So we rolled up our sleeves and worked on a solution that would allow us to immediately understand, at a glance, which treatments to give to our photography and create images with a strong impact.

How did we do it? Through the creation of the Preset Power package!

Our goal isn't to create a cooler or best-selling preset pack. The only thing we want is to get concrete results for our students.

If you want to take your photos to the next level and create a unique style that allows you to stand out from the crowd, then you need to get your hands on Preset Power!

Preset Power are so unique?


With the Preset Power you can reduce editing times by 10 times, achieving 10 times more powerful results.

Every Preset Power is able to give your photographs an atmosphere with a strong visual impact.

Unique style

All presets are divided into 14 categories. In this you have a super neat library of presets.

The Categories

All the presets in the Preset Power Pack are completely different from each other.

The presets are compatible with Lightroom and Camera Raw, you can apply the presets from both Mac, PC, and smartphone.

To apply the presets it takes less than a second, you just have to adapt them to your photo.



Applicable with a click

What Will You Find Inside Preset Power?

Inside Preset Power you will find 200 Presets divided into 14 incredible Packs

See what you will be able to do

Below you can find 5 Preset Power examples from each package.

Category: Landscape

Category: Cinematic

Category: Wedding

Category: Portrait

Category: Street

Category: Lifestyle

Category: Travel

Category: Real Estate

Category: Fashion

Category: Architecture

Category: Creative

Category: Newborn

Category: Black & White

Category: Boudoir

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The Difference Between Presets Power and "Common" Presets

Before making the Preset Power I don't deny that we tested hundreds of presets, but they all had the same problem.

They weren't able to give our images a professional aesthetic. In most cases, it was four basic cross-stitched adjustments that anyone could have done!

Also, the presets we tried didn't fit our images in the slightest.

This is because a preset created and structured on the basis of a landscape cannot be applied to a portrait photo!

Preset Power is the first pack of presets split into photo categories!

Wedding, Newborn, Landscape, Travel, Portrait, Creative, Lifestyle, Cinematic, Architecture, Black and White, Street, Real Estate, Boudoir, Fashion.

Each category contains the best presets that have ever been created.

But wait! There are also Bonus ...

With the Preset Power we have included a series of free bonuses


Seven lessons on quickly installing presets in Photoshop, Camera Raw, Lightroom / Lightroom mobile version, Adobe Lightroom Classic, After Effects and Primiere.

How to install Preset Power in
Photoshop / Camera Raw (XMP)

How to install Preset Power in
Adobe Lightroom Classic (XMP)

How to install Preset Power in Lightroom and Lr Mobile (XMP)

How to install Preset Power in Lightroom Mobile without subscription (DNG)

How to install Preset Power in
old versions of Lightroom

How to install Preset Power in your videos with Adobe Premiere (LUTS)

How to install Preset Power in LUTS format on Photoshop

Pss: you can also use Preset Power on Tablet and Smartphone!

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What you get:

Over 200 Presets divided into 14 Categories.

To get instant access to the exclusive Preset Power,

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Bonus - Seven Lessons in which we show you how to install Preset Power in Photoshop, Lightroom / Lightroom mobile version, Adobe Lightroom Classic, and Adobe Premiere.

Guaranteed support for any problems with Preset Power.

Lifetime access to Preset Power so that you can download whenever and wherever you want.

Future Preset Power updates included.

Instant download.

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What is a Preset?

A preset is a file that contains a set of pre-set corrections. Compare them to a kind of filter, but much more advanced. The presets are very versatile where you can apply them to your photos by a simple click and adjust them to your style.

How do I install Presets?

Where can I use the Preset Power?

Preset Power are compatible with Adobe Lightroom, Camera Raw, Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Premiere and After Effects.

It is very simple to install Preset Power.

Once you purchase Preset Power you will receive instructions on how to install them and use them to your create your own unique style.

Can I use Preset Power with my Mac, PC or Smartphone?

The Preset Power can be used with Mac, PC, smartphones & tablets. Once purchased, you will also be able to unlock the guide on how to use the presets from any device (Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet).

No. Only the complete Preset Power Suite, which contains all 200 Presets, is available for purchase.

Can I pick & choose the presets I want to buy?

Contact customer care from the botton on the bottom right of this page, or email us at:

My question is not in this list, how can I ask it?

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